Wednesday, February 25

Lend an Ear....

I love music.  I love how it can cheer me up, I love how it can motivate me, I love how it can vividly bring back old memories, I love how it can make me cry and I especially love how it can teach me and touch my heart in ways nothing else can.
I've heard that men and women hear music usually hear the rythym and beat--the sound of the song.  And women generally pay attention to the words of a song first.  You can a ask a man what a song is about and he might not know, he might just like the song because of the way it sounds.  And a woman might say that she loves a song because of the message.  I definitely follow this pattern.....when a new song comes on the radio, the first thing I do is listen to the words.  Maybe this is why I love music. Right now there is a song on the radio that chokes me up every time I hear it. It gives me a reality check and really motivates me to "live in the now."  It's all about how life goes by so fast, so we just need to enjoy every moment and every phase, especially in our kids' lives because it won't be like this for long.  This is something that can easily be overlooked in our busy lives....I know it is for me. Anyways, it touched me and I wanted to share.....
To listen, look to the right and scroll to song #17 on the pink playlist.


  1. Chad and I are complete opposites on this - I listen to the beat, Chad to the words. Although occasionally a song will really "hit home", so I know what you mean! I tend to workout to music so that is why I tend to pick songs for the beat and not words.

  2. Steve and I are opposite. I like songs because of how they sound and he listens to the words... hmmmm... sometimes we switch rolls though. He cries in movies more than I do. I love him for that though... He's sweet and tender. I LOVE that Somewhere Over the Rainbow song you have on your music list. I could listen to that all day long.... Enjoy the sun!

  3. Jenny, I'm so glad you found us after all these years! How are you guys? We miss you. Do you guys ever come to Utah?


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