Thursday, March 18

Erin go Bragh....or something like that {& a bonus!}

We had ourselves a fun time for St. Patty's Day yesterday...

We decided to do breakfast for dinner {mainly b/c i couldn't figure out any dinner to make green} and "green eggs and ham" have never been so tasty! add some green pancakes and green banana mini muffins and you've got a super-duper green breakfast for dinner! {and can you believe with all that food coloring nobody ended up with a green mouth afterwards?}

on a side note---i just had to share this.....
yesterday alec was playing a little nintendo and i heard the funniest thing. i'm not sure why he felt the need to chant about his imaginary "brother-in-the-law" but i'm sure there was a good reason....?
{sorry 4 the grainy picture & poor sound, but u get the gist of it!}