Thursday, February 19

{LOVE} Weekend

In the last month we've taken a couple trips to Leavenworth, WA where you can always count on good times and lots of snow.  
In January we stayed in a little hotel-cabin right on the Wenatchee river and went to the annual Icicle festival where they have an icecube scramble for the kids {equivalent to a easter egg hunt, but with trinkets frozen in ice}, dogpulling competition, ice-sculpture contests, and fireworks. If you ever get the chance, we highly recommend's GREAT fun!
{Hard to read, but it says: Leavenworth Bavarian Ice Fest 2009}

When we weren't drinking our hot chocolate or caramel apple cider, enjoying the festivities, you could find us sledding at our favorite spot.

And in true Alec character, {he never ceases to amaze us} even though it took him forever, Alec had to tromp his way up to the tippy-top of the hill because sledding from half-way up was just way too easy...

On this run they all hooked their sleds together and started from the top....

Before we left, we set the self-timer on the camera to get a family portrait....
Then for the Valentine's Day/Pres. Day 3-day weekend we took the kids back to Leavenworth to learn how to ski. We decided we needed something a little roomier than our hotel-cabin and this time we found a 2-bedroom condo right in town that was so cozy and warm and nicely stocked with games and movies. 

So it's been a while {oh, say, 10 years!} since Angel and I last skied.  Let's just say our bodies were well aware...our muscles are almost feeling normal again...but despite the aching arms, legs, etc. it was SO worth it because we had the time of our lives!  The kids were so excited to ski and we attempted to explain that it might be a little harder than it looks, but that's almost like telling an engaged couple that marriage is harder than it seems, you just have to try it to find out!
And try they did...

They each had their share of spills and falls in the beginning, but it wasn't long before they got the hang of it and started having fun.  We were so proud of how they kept on persevering even though it was tougher than they expected and they couldn't do it on their own at first.  Grace was especially frustrated with the rope tow {it was a small hill, so no chair lift, just a rope that you grab onto and it tows you to the top} Angel and I would position the kids in front of us and take them up individually, but Grace saw many kids younger than her doing it on their own and she wanted so desperately to be able to do it too.  
Time after time she would try.....sometimes she would make it a little ways up and other times she would fall the minute she grabbed on to the rope.  Angel was bright enough to use it as a teaching moment to tell that there will be many times in her life when it seems like everything keeps going wrong and she will get tired of trying, but there is always someone there to help her when they feel like she can't do it by herself, whether it be Mom, Dad, or our Heavenly Father.

After a few hours, we decided to take a break, so we went back to the condo and ate some lunch. Everyone had a chance to re-energize, and we hit the slopes again with a vengeance! They all seemed to have a new found confidence on their skiis and the second half of the day was full of cheers and praise all around. 

We kept cracking up all day long because everytime Alec would fall down, he didn't get back up, he just stayed there....why, you say?  He was perfectly content to lay there and eat snow!  We kept telling him, "no more snow" {it was causing more trips to the bathroom and all that gear is a pain get off and on!} but it made him so happy so we usually let him eat a few bites before we said anything.  {don't worry, it had snowed a couple of inches, so it was new snow}

At the end of the day, Grace was ecstatic to finally master the tow rope and have the freedom of going both up and down the hill {grace}fully.  Dallas watched her success and also tried, but to no avail. 
Maybe next time Bubs....

{notice the snow in Alec's hand}

Here's the picture we took with the self-timer on the hood of the car {how else would we ever get family shots?} on the way out of town:

It was definitely one of those weekends where you feel like "this is what life is all about." We were spending time together, enjoying every minute, encouraging one another, laughing together, and loving each other so completely and unconditionally.  It really reinforced our family ties and we made memories that we will have forever!


  1. I'm crying at all of the togetherness. Love all the pictures, it was worth the time it takes to get them on here. Miss you!

  2. Wow! You guys are amazing! What a great idea to take the kids for a ski weekend. If I knew how (yes, I lived in Utah for most of my life and have never been), maybe I'd feel more eager to go. Oh well....
    Your blog is amazing as well. Great job Jenny! xo


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