Thursday, October 15

Tri and Tri, Tri, Tri again

Last Saturday was the last area triathlon of the season in Elma and Angel had been wanting to compete for a while now, but with his crazy schedule at work, he wasn't able to train consistently and most of the races were on the weekend when he was working. But this triathlon was a sprint {300meter swim, 13mi bike, 3mi run} so he decided to give it a "try" {no pun intended}.
The weather was not exactly ideal, but when it comes to sports you take it as it comes. He was nervous about the swim {it isn't his strongest suit} but fortunately it wasn't a long one.

Getting all suited up High five from the water :)

Then came the transition to biking, and off he went...

back from biking and trading in the biking shoes for running shoes....

here he comes to the finish line... GO ANGEL!

He did it :) Good job Angel!!

A few minutes after Angel finished, the kids triathlon started. The race coordinator made an executive decision to forego the swim at the beginning since there were a couple of little kids competing and the weather was turning even colder. So they started on their bikes.
On your mark, get set, GO!!!!! And they're off!

Here comes Grace, getting ready to cross the finish line in 1st place!

Keep going Dallas! Woo-hoo! You did it!

Wrong way Alec.... This Way to the finish!!

Taking pictures of the top 4 close attention to Alec's expression as he's standing next to Sawyer {the little girl who took 2nd}
"papa, she's touching me" "No, I won't smile, she's STILL touching me"

"Okay, this is much better, now I'll smile cause she's way over there"

A picture with Nana & Papa who came to cheer them on...

The four new triathletes of the family with their medals.
Angel won Top Finisher in his division
Grace won the trophy for Overall Win in the Kids Tri
...and now they've been bit by the Tri bug! They can't wait to do it again!