Friday, February 20

Tooth Fairy--You're Fired!

A few weeks ago, Dallas was eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast and broke down crying....I asked him if he bit his tongue--"NO!", or cheek--"NO!", or lip--"NO!", so I asked what in the world happened?  He answered that he bit his "tooth."  Since this is something everyone should see for themselves, I proceeded to investigate.  Lo and behold, when I peered into his mouth, his bottom tooth was at an awkward angle and sure enough, it wiggled back and forth {sqeak, squeak}  I reassured him that he didn't bite his "tooth" after all {whew!} He found this very amusing and went from tears of sadness to tears of laughter!  He had been waiting for a loose tooth for quite a while and it was a momentous breakfast for him.

Well, while we were in Leavenworth last weekend, Dallas' tooth had gotten to the point that was just ridiculous and he came into the kitchen to show me.  I put down the knife, {don't jump to any conclusions, it was just a salad, sheesh!}, grabbed onto his tooth....and Yanked!  I dropped it into his hand and he marveled at the fact that is was really out. 
I love these milestones in my kids' them, it is the most amazing thing, and I love being a part of that amazement.

So in true lost tooth protocol, he placed his tooth under the pillow and went to bed while visions of coins and bills danced in his head.....  
We {the parents} woke to the sound of a sobbing 6yr old boy that was devastated that his tooth was STILL under his pillow which meant that the tooth fairy did not come. {oh, shnighkies!}
We explained that the Tooth Fairy must have visited his bed in Port Orchard and discovered that he was on vacation, and that she would surely come the next night after figuring out where he was.  But Dallas wasn't going to take any chances.

This is note that he had me write to ensure that the Tooth Fairy understood where to find him, and then the Tooth Fairy's response:
The next morning we woke up to a wonderful sound.  His squeals of delight were music to our ears.  And can you believe the Tooth Fairy left him five dollars?!?  Hmm...could she be over-compensating...
Lucky for us, Dallas forgave the Tooth Fairy for the err of her ways and harbored no hard feelings...but something tells me his confidence in her will only return in time.
Silly Tooth Fairy.... 


  1. That is pretty hilarious! Love your banner!

  2. Good thing that Bubbas doesn't realize that your handwriting and the tooth fairy's handwriting are very similar...

    Very cute!


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