Friday, March 13

Bring It On!

Our latest adventure was to a {real} mountain at the White Pass ski resort.  It was a great time and the kids really enjoyed building their skills on the long runs. 

There was a cool "magic carpet" that they rode up and practiced stopping and turning (they all had longer skis than the first time we went) before we went up the bigger hill. 

At the end of the first day

{Alec was not happy that they were shutting down}

We stayed in the Lodge at the ski hill and ended up with a prehistoric room....and after talking to some friends who have also stayed there, apparently they're not all ancient, some are actually quite nice.....which we will definitely be requesting if we stay there again!

The one VERY cool thing about the lodge was the "Hotpool" which was essentially an oversized HotTub!!  It was pretty strange to be swimming in 15degree weather and let me tell ya, the walk {or run, i should say} back to the room was a chilly one!!  But the kids loved it and even though there sign clearly stated: "NO SNOWBALLS", how can you resist hucking snowballs at each other in a hot pool?

Our Hot & Cold Family photo
{if you look closely you can see the ski runs in the background}

Since the kids did so well on the smaller hill, the next day we took them up the bigger lift further up the mountain.  And what a difference a few hundred feet in elevation make!  It was soooooooo cold at the top {brrrrr...} and windy too!  I think it snowed something like 12 inches while we were there, so there was always fresh powder coming down.....

We had a super fun time and can't wait to go back again!


  1. What a fun trip! Your pictures are great! And your kids are so brave!

  2. Hello!!!!! I love to have a new blog to frequent during hyrum's naps. that makes me feel guilty that it took you so long to find sam's name. :) probably the guilt stems from the fact that he is my toughest kid so i always worry that i subconciously ignore him when possible. and then he's unmentioned in my blog? my greatest mommy fear has come to pass!
    ok, so our families are totally BFF. we will have to meet at the slopes one of these next year winter months. except we'll be WAY up north in anacortes (we're moving in july). and the only good skiers in the family are abe and brigham. i am barely on blues and sam and kate are hanging on for dear life on the bunny hill and green runs. good for me. :)


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