Monday, February 2

Simple pleasures...

I don't know about you, but sometimes I find myself so wrapped up in everything else going on that other things get overlooked or neglected....and in this case, downright ratty!  I have had these shoes for WAY too long, and even though they were super comfortable and the soles were still intact, it was definitely time for a new pair!  Now, I have to admit, this isn't normally a subject I would consider blogging about.....after all, it's just "shoes"!  But in my quest for new shoes I found a pair that made me so happy, I just couldn't keep them to myself. They're super comfortable and not to mention....FUN!  
Check out my new and improved shoes:


  1. I knew that you would love blog world for the same reasons I do. Love the new background and love the new shoes.

  2. Super cute shoes! I am in desperate need of a shoe "makeover", but somehow that always ends up at the bottom of the to-do list. One of these days....

  3. I love them! How super cute. I went searching for new shoes in Skechers outlet in San Diego but couldn't find what I my quest continues.

  4. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, it was definitely time for new shoes. lol . I really like your new ones, really CUTE = )


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