Tuesday, January 27

My new find...Try it!

So I got home from work the other night in absolute pain--okay, so it was that bad, but it really hurt!  If you're anything like me, winter does a number on my skin...namely, drying it out and making it all crackly....especially my fingers.  And to add to the cause, breaking down cardboard boxes, bagging up clothes into plastic bags tied up with knots and other such tasks at Gymboree really takes a toll on my fingers!  Maybe my fingers are completely dysfunctional, or, maybe I just need to use some lotion a little more often, but whatever the case, I get these really bad splits in my fingers that are 10 times worse than paper cuts.  They go really deep, they're super tender and they take FOREVER to heal!  For the most part, because I obviously use my fingers on a daily basis for every task under the sun {believe me, I'd love it if someone forbid me to use my hands....I can hear it now: "Sorry honey, I just can't do the dishes, or laundry, or make the kids lunch, or do Grace's hair, I'm not allowed to use my hands!"--yah, in my wildest dreams} But since that is not the case {dang}, the minute the split starts to heal, it is pulled open again by one of the above mentioned tasks.  Even when I sleep, my hands brush against the blankets or pillow and re-open it.  Bandaids help a little, but it usually takes about a week for it to finally seal up for good, which is usually about the time another one shows up and here we go again!  
Here is a picture of the split, {it's pretty hard to see, but if you look closely you'll see a line that almost runs the length of my fingernail....and since this is the after picture it doesn't look that bad, so picture it split open nice and deep, and also red and puffy}
So i get home from work and I'm sitting here thinking how if I could just keep it closed for an extended period of time without anything pulling it open, then it could heal that much faster. Right then and there a lightbulb lit in my head....I've heard about hospitals using superglue to close wounds instead of stitches and from what I remember, it wasn't even some special "medical" superglue, just run-of-the-mill superglue!  So I dug through the junk drawer and found my trusty bottle:
I held the slit closed and squeezed a layer right over the top, waited for it to dry and, Voila! Held shut, nice and tight!  I went to bed with my new remedy and woke in the morning to find my finger just as I left it, sealed shut--and no pain!  I literally jumped for joy...... and then I placed the bottle into the medicine cabinet instead of the junk drawer.


  1. Love it! My fingers are doing the same thing and it is driving me crazy.

  2. I cut my hand pretty deep a few months back, and went to Urgent Care for stitches...instead, they pulled out a bottle of "Dermabond" (otherwise known as superglue), and glued it shut. It worked like a charm. And then I got the bill for $740.00. Ouch. Insurance covered most of it, thank goodness. I went out and bought a $4.00 bottle of superglue to have on hand for next time!

  3. I've gotten those before too! Second-skin works pretty good too (I've never used it for this though), find it in the burn section at fred meyer! Also, Aveeno hand treatment is my favorite for dry hands!


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