Monday, January 5

Snow, snow, and MORE snow!!!!

Last night it snowed.....again!  The kids first day back to school was 2-hours delayed {fine by me, i got to sleep in a little longer :}
We're wondering how much snow we'll actually get this winter because it just keeps coming! Last night's 6 inches makes about 2.5 feet so far......but at least we're having fun with it {for the most part when it doesn't get in the way of driving}
When we were over at my mom's my brother attempted to build an igloo, but the end result ended up more like a snow teepee, and cool, regardless!

One thing that's hard to dispute, it's beautiful! I had to snap some pictures of the house and yard covered in the blanket of snow.......Absolutely Gorgeous!

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  1. That is alot of snow! I am shivering just looking at all the pics. Go check out this blog, it is a rip on most blogs, but freakin hillarious. I have been reading it for the last 30 min, just laughing at all the truth behind her jokes.
    Glad you are up on the blog thing, keep it up so I don't feel so lonely.


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