Tuesday, January 6

Happy New Years!

We all went to My mom and dad's for New Years where we always have our traditional mexican party platter from Azteca.  This year we attempted to make Angel's mom's recipe for Posole soup. We were so thrilled it turned out very close and it was so yummy!  The guys watched football most of the day, Amy knitted, the boys snacked way too much, everyone took their turn napping, and I snapped pictures. At some point in the day someone noticed a very conspicuous pile of cookies on the snack table. It didn't take too long to figure out who was responsible.....each cookie had only ONE bite taken out of it before it was discarded. Out of curiosity we asked Alec why he didn't finish each cookie and he said {as if it were already obvious} "I didn't like them" What can you do? We laughed......and I took a picture. It was a very enjoyable day and we all came home with very full stomachs, {and me, a new scarf :}


  1. Glad to see you're blogging! Your family is so cute and it was fun to see pics of the kids growing up so fast! Your New Years soup looked amazing...may I join you next year?

  2. So fun that you have a blog! Great New Years Pix! Glad you had fun. And the cookie incident is hilarious! Can I add you to my links on my blog? Love ya!

  3. Seriously, the story of Alec and his search for the perfect cookie cracked me up to the point of tears. That kid is hilarious and perfect in his own way. Now you know why the savior spent so much time with children. As we get older we become boring and worry too much about what everyone thinks. Alec is his own man, at times you may want to sell him away to the circus, but you wouldn’t trade him for anything. Give the family our love.


  4. Yeah! I'm glad you've joined the blog world! It's such a fun way to keep up with friends.
    Looking forward to seeing you next month, it will be a great weekend!


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