Wednesday, January 14

Christmas Bliss

It seems like every year the holiday season is filled with the sweet anticipation of Christmas morning, and this year it was no different.  Angel and I look forward to it almost as much as the kids. We can't wait to see their faces when they spot the pretty paper that has their name on it and their expressions are priceless when they open the package to see the special something they had been eyeing for so long. But we also anticipate the inevitable disappointment that follows the opening of the last present and the realization that it IS the LAST present.  This year we were pleasantly surprised at the kids' reactions.  Santa filled the kids' stockings at our house, but brought their presents to Nana & Papa's.  So all they had to open at our house was their stockings and their 3 Wise Men gifts.  
And we didn't tell them that Santa took their gifts to Nana's, so for all they knew, that was it!  Did they complain?. . . . ask where the rest of the presents were?. . . . .rip the paper open and start scanning for the next?  NO! They were as giddy as little kids get, rummaging through their stockings, content as can be with the trinkets that they found. We actually had to remind them to look for their shoes to see where the wise men left their gifts.{on the porch outside the front door}

 After we got to mom and dad's they found their Santa presents...he brought Grace the Belle dress from Disneyland with matching shoes, tiara, and earrings.  Dallas got the Heely's he'd been asking for, and Alec got a BUNCH of Ben 10 guys and a new Omnitrix.  {since you can't go "hero" without one}
They were so excited!  And we were so pleased that THEY were so pleased with what they got.  Jake, Kathrine, Riley, and Emma {so cute in her santa outfit!} were there this year and the day was just magical spending it with our whole family with the snow falling outside.  Here are some of the present highlights: Amy got Scott a new wedding ring {much needed, since there was the absence of one}, Angel got me a Cricut Expression---COMLETELY SHOCKED ME!, Matt got speakers for his car and some cool pears {don't ask}, Angel got an RC car, and of course all the kids got a bunch of other stuff that filled the day with the sounds of fun and play.  All in all, the much anticipated day was a complete success, especially if you're measuring the joy factor :)

And Baby Emma was just too cute, she needed her own slide show....I'm sure you'll agree!


  1. It's been so long since we've seen you guys! I cannot believe Alec's hair!! how adorable.

  2. Looks like you guys had a super fun Christmas. I love that you were all able to be together at your parents. Amy and Scott with the ring is adorable!


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