Wednesday, February 24

Well, Hello LuLu!

We acquired a new addition to our family last week. She is 15 weeks old, 27lbs. and her name is Lulu. What is she--you might ask? Some people know immediately upon seeing her in all her glorious wrinkles and droopy eyes, while others still, ask "what is she?" Here is a little English Bulldog/Lulu 101 for you. They are one of the fastest growing breed of puppies, which is why she looks much larger than most puppies at 15 weeks. They are very mellow and like to kick back and relax much of the time. They rarely bark and don't lick you to death either.
They are also extremely interested in chewing..... .....everything. Consequently she has lots of fun chew toys that are "her very own." She is very good at going potty outside and getting a yummy treat after doing so. She likes to antagonize the cat, who pays her no mind unless she gets in his face. She likes to go on car rides to pick up the kids from school. {mostly because she gets a truckload of attention from all the kids and teachers.} She loves to cuddle and is one of the sweetest and most adorable things around! But that, my friends, apparently is debatable.
We have had mixed reactions regarding her little puppy face. On one end of the spectrum, we hear "oh my goodness, look at how adorable she is!" {i tend to agree} But we have also heard from more than one mouth "ugh...those things are so ugly" So my question of the day is: adorable as all get out? or....SO UGLY that they're cute?
{notice how your choices are limited} please--do tell.


  1. Well, I'm kinda biased, seeing as how I don't like any dogs (mainly because they tend to be "in-your-face" jumping and licking you). So if, what you say is true and she is just mellow, than maybe I'll like her after all. oh, and that last picture you posted, it's pretty adorable :)

  2. I heard all about Lulu on the way to school this morning from Brett. I was surprised that I had not read about her on the blog...and then tada here is a post all about her SUPER CUTENESS!! Chandler girls can hardly wait to meet her! Audrey loves everyone, and is WAY mellow...they can be dog bff's, whenever you bring her to P-town.


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