Thursday, February 25

The Road to Freedom

Grace was selected to sing the solo in the 3rd grade President's Day assembly last Friday. She fully prepared by practicing and singing her song every minute of every day for the last couple weeks. I think she was pretty rehearsed by the time Friday rolled around. and i think everyone else in our family could have gotten up there and sang it with her...
She was pretty nervous, but that's normal for her and didn't affect her performance too much. She actually got into the beat, so stick around till the end of the song--her knee really gets going!
Singing is one of her many passions and we're happy that she enjoys sharing her talents with all of us!
...stay tuned for Port Orchard Superstar 2010 coming up in March!


  1. That Grace is one talented little thing! She did SO good. And I did love the knee! So cute!

  2. We love you Gracie. You have an awesome voice!!!!!!!!!!
    Tia Liz and cousin Jizel


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