Thursday, May 7

Bittersweet.....yes, that's the right word

We said good-bye to our beloved ski pass a few weekends ago.  It was, again, loads of fun.
After watching some of the pros come down the mountain, Grace had the hankering {is that even a word?} to try skiing backwards {her skis do have twin tips}.......this was her attempt:

Way to go Grace!!!

And since this was our last trip, my mom and dad came up to watch for a little bit.  They watched us come down a couple runs, we took a few pictures, then we went to the lodge and had lunch together.

It was also the one year anniversary of the day our sweet, wonderful, Aunt Sandie lost her battle with cancer.  My cousin, (her daughter Michelle), came up with the very cool
idea for everyone to release balloons at the same time on that day to celebrate and remember the wonderful life she lived. The kids each wrote a note to Aunt Sandie that they then tied to the balloon. Dallas's note consisted of a lot of "very much's".  I love you very much, I miss you very much, and, in not very much time I'll see you in Heaven.   Alec said: I hope you get this balloon in Heaven so you will know that I love you. Sweet words from sweet boys....
Grace wrote her own so I didn't get to see hers, I guess it was "private", but knowing her, I'm sure it was from her heart and just as sweet. 

We went outside, and on the count of three, let them go....
We watched them fly away until we couldn't see them anymore and at that point Alec declared they finally made it to Heaven  :)
It was very "bittersweet" missing our sweet Aunt, but at the same time remembering the amazing person and friend that she was to all of us. 

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  1. Oh Jen, that made me tear up! You guys are so wonderful to do that with us. And such sweet words from your boys! Thanks for loving my mom so much. I know the feeling is mutual. You guys are becoming ski pros!


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