Monday, May 11

Beach + BBQ + No More School = Fun!

Angel finished his last week of classes for his apprenticeship at the shipyard last Friday and one of his classmates had everyone over for a celebratory B-B-Q.  He lives right on the Puget Sound and the kids had a blast playing on the beach.  (Funny that we are virtually surrounded by water and we get to the actual beach so little....go figure) They chased each other around with squirt guns, flung sand at each other (Alec's favorite), and collected crabs from underneath the rocks.

Angel and the kids walked a ways down the beach and found this really cool, old boat that was shipwrecked on the beach and the kids all took turns making up stories about how it ended up there.

The kids ran their hearts out all day long and we had a very relaxing, quiet ride home. (sigh)


  1. That boat is awesome! What a fun day.

  2. It was so fun to look at your posts. I can't believe it's been 7 years since I last saw you! Time goes by so fast and kids come so fast! Your kids are gorgeous, does Dallas ever feel left out because he doesn't have red hair or is he glad? Gabe and I are still in Utah. We have 4 kids and they love it when we take a trip to WA, they especially love the beach. That ship is awesome, my kids would never want to leave if they saw that. Next time we come to visit I would love it if we got together. If you want to see how our family is doing here is our blog

    Love Anna


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