Monday, May 11

Picasso (I mean Stitch...I mean Alec) strikes again.....

Scene:  Mom and Son are ready to walk out the door. Mom had just finished putting on her make-up
Act One:  Mom notices it is "too quiet". . . . . .she also notices the make-up bag she left on the bed is no longer on the bed.  Mom calls Alec's name and hears a muffled noise 
Act Two:  Mom finds Alec under her bed with the make-up bag in question
Act Three:  Mom wrangles Alec out from under the bed to find he has decided to oversee his own hair and make-up for the day's production.  Mom thanks her lucky stars he only had it in his possession for 30 seconds and not 5 minutes
Act Four:  Post-Production clean-up at age 4 1/2


  1. uh..this is too funny! why do they love our make up so much???

  2. That is totally something my boys would do.


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