Saturday, July 17

Fun on the Fourth

We had a great 4th of July weekend.  On the 3rd we all met down at my dad's office on the Poulsbo Marina pier to watch the fireworks show. We set up our chairs, and brought some yummy snacks while we waited for the show. I bought all the little boys glow swords and glow hats and the girls glow wands and necklaces.  It definitely kept them occupied while we waited...
and little Emma just couldn't make it till the end....sweet thing!

The next day, after church we came back to my mom's and took a few photos.  We had some yummy bbq, celebrated my bro-in-law Scott's birthday, and tried to keep the boys occupied till it was dark enough to let off the fireworks we brought.  Some of them just couldn't wait...{think adults} All-in-all it was a super fun weekend with friends and family!


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