Thursday, July 1

15 inches of L-O-V-E

Right before school got out, Grace decided she wanted to get her hair cut. It had gotten pretty long since the last time she had it cut and a little hard to manage washing and brushing, etc.  I decided it was probably a good idea with summer coming to have an easier and faster head of hair!
But it would practically be a crime to cut this hair and not have it go to someone in need...
So I called up my cousin who is an AWESOME hairdresser and told her Grace was wanting to donate it to Locks of Love.  She willingly obliged...and Grace was super excited!
The initial cut...

Trimming it up

The Final Product!

Afterwards she couldn't stop tossing her head back and forth...something about the feel of her hair swinging around.
She loved it :)
And hopefully whoever her hair goes to will be just as happy!

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  1. whoever gets her hair is the luckiest person EVA!!!


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