Thursday, January 21

For the "outdoor-deprived-stuck-inside-all-day-ers... "

This post is dedicated to all my California friends who are need a little cheese with their whine about "all the rain". All I have to say about that is: try living in the Pacific Northwest!
Moving on to better and brighter things, I'm happy to be blogging again! A very sad thing happened to our hard died, gave up the ghost, and took with it all my precious photos, music, you name it, it's gone. {so i guess that's not better and brighter} but the good news is that we had it replaced with a bigger and better one and i'm happy to have a working computer again. So now i have to catch up on our fun family happenings, but first, this post. Like i said, dedicated to anyone who needs something new and exciting to do with their kids that doesn't involve a lot of effort {my kind of activity :-}
If you read the blog "This Week For Dinner" you'll recognize it....
Have you ever made playdough and had to keep a hawk's eye on your kids when they try to sneak it in their mouth? {hmm...maybe that's just my kids}
Well, no worries with this playdough! It's easy to make and fun to eat when the creativity is done!

Here it is:
-1 cup peanut butter
-1/2 cup honey
-2 cups powdered sugar

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and you're done! Store in an airtight container or plastic baggie with air sucked out of the bag. {quick tip: spray your 1/2 cup with oil before measuring your honey and the honey will pour much easier.}


  1. Ya I know we complain about the rain, but you choose to live in the gloomy NW. We have had the same playdough in our fridge since last March, I kid you not. The yw made it for an activity with the primary and gave it to us when they were through. Cruise up the blog would you? Love ya!

  2. I will have to try that recipe, thanks! I hope you have mended your not-backing-up-your-hard-drive ways! Another great indoor activity: scrapbooking (for everyone). I have a ton stuff I don't mind giving my kids and a lot of old pictures and they have a great time making pages!


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