Thursday, November 26

When it rains, it pours

You've heard it said before...When it rains, it pours. It seems like the last week has been filled with one thing after another for the people that I care about. About a week ago Grace's best friend's dad was in a severe snowboarding accident completely shattering his ankle and currently has rods and screws holding it together while still needing several more surgeries to repair it. Not a day later, my aunt was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and will also go in for surgery. Then, a couple days ago, another good friend's SIL was in a horrific accident at work and had to be airlifted to Seattle ending up with loss of blood, a broken pelvis and femur and amputation of her leg below the knee. And tonight, my mom slipped and broke her ankle that will require surgery on Friday. With the epitome of all days to be grateful upon us, and with these highly unfortunate events occurring, it is difficult to find the silver lining in such a sorrowful and strenuous time. But I am grateful that they are all here with us still, and I am grateful for the power of prayer. I give thanks that we are able to lift one another up and support each other in love and grace. I am grateful for loving family, and for good friends, and most of all for my Savior, Jesus Christ, who has suffered all pains and afflictions to be able to be our support. So though it is raining, (literally & figuratively,) I pray that blessings be poured out upon all those I love in their time of need. And on this day, I am, indeed...grateful.

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  1. So sorry to hear of all the hardships those close to you are going through. I saw the title of your blog post and could relate. If you've read my blog lately you know why. You have such a positive outlook and wrote this piece beautifully. Our prayers are with your loved ones. xo
    P.S. Love your new layout!


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