Tuesday, July 14

Together again...

When I was browsing through my photos on the computer this morning I saw these pictures and realized I never posted them.  Probably because it wasn't a specific holiday or occassion--on the calendar--that is, but for OUR family it was actually a very special occassion.  It's not too often that we have our entire family together without someone at college, or in China, or San Diego, so when we do, we take the opportunity to get some pictures of everyone together.  This was in May, right before Jake and his family took off to China for a year.....this is for you Aunt Barbara :)

All 8 cousins together
From L to R: Brett, Dallas, Alec, Adam, Riley, Grace, Taylor, & Emma
(and yes, that's Alec WITH his cast on, hanging upside down)
{ click on the photo to enlarge}

The 4 Siblings
Jacob, Jenny, Amy, Matthew
{click on the photo to enlarge}

The WHOLE Harlan Family!
Back Row: Matthew, {don't mind him, he was a little tired so he decided to take a snooze} Taylor, Scott, Amy, Dallas, Adam, Riley, Alec Jacob, Emma, Kathrine, Jenny, Angel
Front Row:  Brett, Becky, Tom, Grace
{click on the photo to enlarge}
Take in all in, cause the next time we get a picture together all the kids will have grown a couple inches and the adults will probably have a few more grey hairs {or in some cases less hair}, and who knows, maybe our numbers will have grown?!?!


  1. Love the pictures!!! Such good ones of such a beautiful family! Oh, and are you announcing something? :-)

  2. What a gorgeous family! It's fun to see pics of everyone since I know who you all are 8-)

    P.S. I used my Arby's coupons the other day. It was actually pretty tasty too.

  3. I took it all in...what a good lookin bunch!!! We miss your family!


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