Monday, July 13

A Family Affair...

A couple months back my Dad caught the garden bug.  One slight problem--he didn't really have a spot at the house for a garden.  So he did what any resourceful guy would do....{well, not ANY guy}  He asked the perfect strangers across the street if they would mind if he used a portion of their field to plant his garden....And whattayaknow, they said:   "YES!"
So he got to work, tilled it up, planted the seeds, and before long everything started popping up!  The only problem, which normally wouldn't be a problem--considering this is the pacific northwest, is we've gone more than 30 days without rain!  And growing plants need water daily, which means if the water doesn't come from the sky, it has to come from us.  So being the ever so resourceful guy again, Dad rigged up a system for taking water to the garden.  He fills two huge containers of water and puts a pump in one of them with a hose attached to it powered by a generator, and Voila!  Water for the garden!
Well, Dad had an unfortunate tumble and had to have a little surgery on his ankle, after which he was told NO WALKING for 10 days.  So the rest of the family took up the plight and went to save the garden from heat exhaustion.
The kids, of course, thought it was the funnest thing in the world and it really was quite fun for all of us to be pitching in while Dad called the shots from his cushy spot in the truck :)

Some of the growing plants were hard to see so the boys put a
 little rock border around them so they wouldn't get stepped on...
{remember you can click on the pictures to view bigger}

and apparently the little rocks were boring so
leave it to Alec to find something a little more challenging....

All Finished!  Good job boys...

It's all about Teamwork....

Here's Dad from his command post trying to tell Angel what and how to till while Alec happily fills his cast with 
loads and loads of dirt--oh joy... 
{more about that in another post}

Making sure every veggie gets a drink of water...

It's so nice that we all live fairly close together so we can help out in times like this and create memories that will last a lifetime!  When I think back to this day I'll always see these pictures in my mind and hear the sound of my Dad while he's sitting in the truck bed singing: 
"It's a family affair...."


  1. The stones around the plants look like a grave. Sorry about your Dad. no fun to not be mobile. You are right, what great memories!
    Brigg just looked at your pictures and said "Are they here?" I had to break his heart.

  2. What fun! Wow, Alec and your dad breaking something in the same year!

  3. That will be something you and your kids will remember. I know Nate sure loved helping out while we were there! Such fun pictures! We love you guys!


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