Monday, June 21

What time is it?...Summertime!

So school is out for the summer, and lucky for me--most all the other kids in the country got out before we did--so i saw some pretty fun ideas on some other blogs. I saw this idea here. Like i said, lucky me, cause this is not something i probably would have thought of on my own, especially since my thoughts lately have been focused on heartburn and ankle swelling {but that's a different post altogether.}
I was going to do a basket for them each individually, but then decided it would be better to put it all in one and there would be less conflict that way. I found that Michael's has a really great {i.e. "cheap"} kids section with lots of fun, crafty, artsy things. all the stuff my kids love....and after i left Michael's i headed over to Dollar Tree for some treats, where i also picked up the basket and balloon.
Here is what i put in the basket o' fun:
Water guns
Modeling clay
Glow bracelets
Wood jet gliders--boys
Charm bracelet kit--grace
Grab-a-bubbles {bubbles you can hold in your hand}
Dry erase game board--for car trips
Candy necklaces
Watermelon twist gum
Airheads, Puckerooms, & Funtoos

I would have given it to them when they got home on the last day, but when i picked the kids up we went to Chuck E. Cheese with some cousins and then to a family dinner at my mom's, so it worked out better to give it to them the next morning. they were super excited to play with all their new stuff, and my favorite gave me a chance to sleep in a little!
p.s. {extra points if you can name the song the title of the post comes from!}

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  1. That is So fun!! What a great idea! And that is totally HSM 2!! Love ya! Hey we are coming up over the 4th and we want to see you guys!


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