Tuesday, May 4

Home is where you hang your heart...

Home is where you hang your heart--and we hang ours in Poulsbo now....April 1st we bid farewell to our lovely Port Orchard home that we spent 3 and 1/2 years in. We didn't anticipate moving until summer since we wanted the kids to finish out the school year in P.O., but we found the right house in Poulsbo and decided to go ahead with the move. It was hard to do, considering how much time
and effort we put into remodeling the kitchen, LR, bathrooms, etc. but in the end, more space, and being in Poulsbo won us over. I would post some pics of the house b4 we refinished the cabinets, floors, and got new furniture, etc., but unfortunately they are on the old hard drive that went ka-put, so you'll just have to use your imagination. :)
One of the downfalls to moving was that we went from GARAGE to NO GARAGE. So everything that WAS in the garage had to find a new home. We had a yard sale and really tried to get rid of many things that we had been holding onto for years that just sat in a box/tote. The kids had a great time weeding through their toys when i told them that they could keep the money that they sold for. Alec kept bringing more toys out throughout the day after he played with them "one last time."
Lulu was so funny...she climbed into this basket that seemed much too small to be comfortable, but made herself at home and stayed in there for a good portion of the day.....silly dog :)
And i have to post these pictures in honor of the kids....they thought it was the funniest thing when my dad helped this lady stuff the huge Lovesac in her trunk. If you've ever seen the movie "Robots" you'll know what i mean when the kids couldn't stop referring to the lady's car as "aunt fannie."
After what seemed like a million years of packing, the day of the move finally came {too soon!} and we loaded up the u-haul only to find that even with all of our purging, we still couldn't fit everything into one truckload. My dad and Angel ended up going back early the next morning {in the pouring down rain} and loading up the remainder of our stuff....and i was shocked to find out that it took up the WHOLE truck! TWO full truckloads?!?!?! We spent the rest of the day cleaning until my feet and hands couldn't take it anymore and i deemed the house officially clean and called it quits. {did i mention i hate moving?} We drove down the driveway "one last time" and over to our new house, {that didn't feel much like "our" house}, where we had a nice spaghetti dinner with my mom, dad, and sister's family.
and a BIG shout-out to my mom...I honestly don't think i could have done it without her. She helped me pack my entire house, organize for the yard sale, even stayed to clean my other house, and helped me unpack into the new house. WOW...that's motherly love!
our new place:
it's bright and open and we feel like we can breathe!!
p.s. if you want our new address, drop me an email....


  1. how fun! will you be in our ward again? and congrats on baby girl! :)

  2. You're in my stake! We're on Bainbridge now. How far does that make you? And congrats on the "last".

  3. elke--we are not far from you! next time you come into poulsbo we should meet up at the park! alec gets so bored while the kids are at school, he would love to play with bethelle!

  4. I wish I could've seen your remodeling before you moved, it looks awesome in the pictures. But your new house looks great too, I love your decorating! Let's get together when I get home :)


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