Monday, August 3

8 is Great...Part A: Aloha Oe!

Since 8 is a special birthday in our family, Grace got to pick a theme for her birthday party and have 5 girls over for a sleepover. {8 must be special cause 6 eight-year-old girls staying up all night is not something I offer everyday} She decided to have a Hawaiian Luau so we started collecting decorations, which wasn't too difficult since every store under the sun brings in tropical decos during the summer. She was super-duper excited and was EXTREMELY involved in the planning process. She made a schedule of events for which activity they would do first, second, etc. and also categorized everything into order of importance. Each guest had a special assignment they were in charge of for each activity. She even made a map of special activity "stations"....She put a lot of thought into this party!!! So the girls arrived at 5pm on Friday and whatta-ya-know they couldn't agree on what to do. Some girls wanted to ride bikes outside while others wanted to build a fort inside, while others still wanted to play barbies. This was so discouraging to Grace who thought everything would run like clockwork, just like she planned. And to top it all off Dallas was spending the night at his cousin's, but Alec was left at home following the girls around like a little puppy. We had a nice little heart-to-heart and she decided to lighten up a bit on the schedule and I promised her Alec would go to bed at 8pm. The girls ate pizza and had a smorgasbord of candy and popcorn during the movie. I told them bedtime was a firm midnight so they decided to make the most of the last hour and construct the fort they wanted to sleep in. I was pretty impressed how they all {mostly} fell asleep right away. When they woke up in the morning it was Costco muffins and milk for breakfast and then down to business...time to decorate for the Luau! They had lots of fun blowing up balloons, filling water balloons and wearing their Grass skirts. They also did a little choreography...
Here's a little clip of the "presentation" they worked on for probably 10 minutes:
{notice Alec on the end, trying desperately to be included...}
Hey, what can I say....they're 8

The weather was a sunny 89 degrees so we were lucky to have borrowed some canopies from some friends to set up in the back. But it was perfect for the kids to play in the pool and toss water balloons.

Grace got some fun stuff from her friends and I caught her expression when she opened her present from us--tickets to Wicked when it comes in September. Poor Angel was still on his 6pm-6am schedule so he had to get a snooze in before left at 5, so he missed the cake and presents, but I took him some video clips for him.

The day was deemed a success by Grace {except for the plethora of bees that loved all the pineapple and strawberries, etc.--but no one got stung--thank goodness!} She's already talking about what she wants to do for her party next year...I had to remind her "8 is great, but 9 is only fine"--NO PARTY till you hit the double digits :-) To which Dallas overheard and replied: "Oh Cool!! I can't wait till MY party next year!".................oh joy, boys
Happy Birthday to my 8-yr old Gracey-Girl!! We love you!!!


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